Boiling water

Boiling water

Why do we need boiling water? A cup of tea or a cup of coffee can not do without it. Since we came to the world’s first electric kettles to boil water, preparation of boiling water on the stove in a pot or saucepan gone to rest. There was another revolution, when the electric kettles appeared. They have a power cord, but the kettle can be easily detached from the base.

The pioneer of this solution was the British company STRIX. Electric kettles produced by them are among the best and safest in the world. And what is more important than safety?

The GOTIE electric kettles are not looking for compromises, do not use cheaper substitutes, do not save on quality. Our devices are equipped with only the parts of the world leaders in the production of components. We use elements of the brand STRIX, knowing that guarantee long-term operation and safety.


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