Čerstvé šťavy


Drinking fresh juice has beneficial effect on our body. Its acidification is reduced and dead cells are removed. The digestive system is helped in its role, as vegetable and fruit essences are quickly and easily assimilable. Fresh juice does not only mean cleansing but also source of multivitamins, which is a simple way to increase immunity of the body. Juice may be pressed from practically all vegetables, fruits and herbs.

A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet can become a good habit in a simple way without sacrifices. By using the functionality of low speed juicers Evergreen, we are able to provide your body natural, easily digestible values.


Evergreen juicers are dedicated to people who want to live healthy and with taste, while paying attention to every detail. Evergreen product line was created for people who pick unusual and innovative solutions, who value the professionalism and the highest quality.

Slowjuicer Evergreen is the most effective solution in making fresh juices, because so prepared juices retain maximum nutrient content. With the uniquely designed shaft rotating at a low speed, the products are rolled and extruded through a reinforced durable ring sieve.

„The prestige of the standard“ means no compromises and the highest quality of service, comfort, and intuitive design. Developed ways allowed us to create a unique device that combines the functionality and amazing design.

The highest standard of workmanship is visible in the components and subassemblies. The advantage is also the new generation motor with a power of 200 W with placental transmission, with a speed range of 45-55 RPM equipped with anti-vibration system. Thanks to it, the devices are quiet and stable. Waterproof control panel equipped with soft-touch buttons in easy and intuitive way allows you to select an appropriate work program, and the microprocessor embedded in an intelligent way to take care of the stable operation of the engine.

Evergreen model is equipped with a wide inlet, allowing the insertion of whole fruit, with a specially designed security flap. A number of security controls in engine allows continuous operation for up to 20 minutes, which puts them at the forefront of the industry.

The advantages of low speed juicers Evergreen:

– A touch control panel that is both aesthetic and easy to use
– Eight work programs to prepare different kinds of juices and purees
– Functional solutions with elements of design
– The use of materials with increased resistance to discoloration
– New generation motor with a power of 200 W with placental transmission
– A wide inlet, allowing the insertion of whole fruit


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