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According to the latest research, most Europeans suffer from various allergies and other illnesses of the respiratory system. The population of allergy sufferers has doubled during the last 50 years. The cause of increase of allergies are changes in the natural environment, related to development of the industry and emission of pollutants. Air treatment units constitute a HEALTHCARE product group.
They have been appreciated mostly by allergy sufferers, who value them for treating household air. Their application has been considered effective in prevention of asthma and mitigation of effects of this illness.
They also considerably reduce the risk of respiratory system infections. They also neutralise unpleasant odours, including from tobacco smoke, which is very useful in almost every house.

Air Purifier PERFECTAIR second generation is used for filtering, purification and air treatment. Used in the HEPA type filter removes particles larger than 0.3 microns which allows you to filter out 99.9% of impurities. Activated carbon filter removes odors and formaldehyde. UV lamp in combination with a filter TiO2 with photocatalytic properties eliminat from the filtered air mites, bacteria and viruses. The built-in ionizer with high efficiency (10X106 ion / cm3) refreshes the air and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room.


To improve air quality in each of the rooms in the house and to exclude from it allergens enable PERFECTAIR a dozen or so minutes to a day depending on the size of the room. Operating time depends on the setting of the level of work. You can choose from three engine speeds including level 1 which allows continuous and virtually silent operation. This function is used when we use PERFECTAIR at night, during sleep. Maximum capacity on level 3 filter 220 m3 air / hour at the small size of the device is the result of a highly competitive to other similar products on the market. Low power consumption (max. 45W) qualifies PERFECTAIR among devices environmentally friendly.

A clear control panel device based on microprocessor technology and LCD display allows for quick and easy setting of speed turbine in the range from 1 to 8 hours. Filter check system will tell you when the filter should be cleaned or replaced.

UV technology which having been so far used in hospital treatment rooms, eliminating from the air bacteria and viruses constitute a major threat to health, it has found its place in the purifier PERFECTAIR. Double lamp UV-C with improved durability, safely built inside the device emits a wavelength of 254 nm, which permanently damages the nuclei of harmful to health microorganisms.

Air Purifier PERFECTAIR second generation eliminates, among other things:

• dust mites
• grass trees and flowers pollens
• animal allergens, including the skin and hair
• mold spores and fungi
• staph bacteria
• coli bacteria
• influenza virus type A


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