• Ultrasonic humidifier



GOTIE GNA-260 humidifier is unrivaled in its class. In a small, slim body, we closed a wealth of functionalities, such as automatic humidification, hot and cold mist or plasma ionization system. There is also a three-stage regulation of the steam output and a specially designed drawer for essential oils for aromatherapy. The device is operated using intuitive touch buttons or a remote control. The 6-liter tank provides at least 20 hours of continuous operation. The filter with ion exchange resin guarantees effective water purification. The elegant design is complemented by a subtle, adjustable tank and base illumination.

Capacious and high-efficient

A large tank with a capacity of 6 l provides up to 20 hours of continuous humidification without the need to top up water. High efficiency over 300 ml/h ensures effective hydration of rooms with an area of up to 25 m2. When the water in the tank runs out, the device will inform you by means of an audible signal and icons on the display.

Automatic humidification

The GNA-260 humidifier is equipped with a wired hygrometer reading the current level of air humidity and hygrostat, allowing to reach and maintain the set humidity. All you have to do is enter the target value, and the device will stop working once it has been reached and resumes if the humidity level decreases. You can also choose the fully automatic mode – the humidifier will regulate its work based on temperature and humidity measurement to maintain optimal values.

Warm mist

Due to the function of a warm mist, the humidifier heats and sterilizes water. The heated water steam spreads much more effectively in the room, and sterilization ensures that no microorganisms enter the air. The warm mist helps with inhalations and problems with the upper respiratory tract and works well with the aromatherapy function.


When designing this humidifier model, we took care of the possibility of effective use of essential oils, popular in aromatherapy. They can be applied to a special drawer located in the base of the device. Aromatherapy supports the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, and also brings relief in states of increased nervous tension.

Plasma ionization

Electronic devices that we are surrounded on a daily basis contribute to the creation of so-called electrosmog, which means excess of positive ions – cations. It is a phenomenon potentially harmful to our health, therefore it is necessary to use effective air ionizers that produce negative particles. GOTIE GNA-260 has a built-in plasma ionizer. Plasma is ionized matter resembling gas that interacts with cations by neutralizing them. In this way, it refreshes and purifies the air.

Convenient operation

The humidifier is operated by means of soft-touch buttons or by means of a remote control, and all functions and information are displayed on a readable LCD panel.

Many work modes

Sleep peacefully in a humidified room, without worrying about unexpected noises and screen glow – in night mode, audible alarms are inactive and the screen is blanked. A 12-hour timer will let you program the device. If you do not want to use the automation, you can set the steam output level yourself.

Designed for your home

The small size, intriguing backlight of the tank and minimalist design will allow you to incorporate the GOTIE humidifier into the decor of every home and apartment.


Type ultrasonic humidifier
Power 30W
Heater power 80W
Capacity 6l
Max efficiency ≥300ml/h
Loudness ≤35dB(A)
Ionization yes, plasma
Auto mode yes
Hygrometer and hygrostat yes
Warm and cold mist yes
Aromatherapy yes
LCD screen yes
Functions night mode, automatic shut-off, rotating nozzles
Control touch buttons, remote control
Filter ion resin
Dimensions 33x17x24 cm
EAN 5903246873085





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